Local Delivery


Introducing Fresh Roti Local Delivery!

Currently available for homes in select areas within zip code 30024. We will be expanding to parts of 30041, 30005, 30097 zip codes very soon!


- Roti is delivered to you the same day it is made
- Delivery is made by one of our own employees
- $3 discount on all Local Delivery orders (discount applies to web prices)
- No delivery fee

    How it works

    - Place your order online and select the "Local Delivery" option
    - You will not be charged a delivery fee
    - Use coupon code "Local" to receive $3 off your order
    - Initially we will be delivering only on Monday evenings. Orders placed throughout the week will be delivered on Monday. Our plan is to eventually offer delivery 5 days a week

      Important Notes

      • You must select "Local Delivery" option during checkout otherwise your order will be shipped via UPS

      • This is not an 'on-demand' service like Uber Eats or GrubHub. We wait for all orders to come in for the day and then we create a delivery route for all orders. Its similar to how UPS operate. Because of this we cannot guarantee a delivery time

      • Please remember to enter the coupon code "Local". We want to make sure you receive the lowest pricing possible. If you forget to use the code a checkout, please give us a call and we will credit you $3
      • Do not use Apple Pay or Google Pay to checkout. The "Local Delivery" option will not appear if you use Apple Pay or Google Pay to checkout. This is a limitation of Shopify and beyond our control